Introducing the GPT Store

GPT Store, a platform for sharing custom versions of its AI models, known as Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPTs).
OpenAI's GPT Store
OpenAI's GPT Store
Introducing the GPT Store
We’re launching the GPT Store to help you find useful and popular custom versions of ChatGPT.

OpenAI has officially launched the GPT Store, a new platform that allows users to discover and utilize custom versions of ChatGPT, known as GPTs, which have been developed by both partners and the community. The GPT Store is accessible to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users, offering a variety of GPTs across categories such as DALL·E, writing, research, programming, education, and lifestyle. Users can explore trending GPTs on the community leaderboard and try out new featured GPTs that are updated weekly.

Some of the initial featured GPTs include personalized trail recommendations from AllTrails, a tool to search and synthesize results from 200 million academic papers with Consensus, a Code Tutor by Khan Academy to expand coding skills, design tools from Canva, and educational resources like the CK-12 Flexi AI tutor.

OpenAI has also announced a GPT builder revenue program set to launch in Q1, which will allow US builders to be compensated based on user engagement with their GPTs. Details on the payment criteria will be provided closer to the launch. Additionally, the new ChatGPT Team plan has been introduced for teams of all sizes, providing access to a private section of the GPT Store with GPTs securely published to their workspace.

The GPT Store is designed to be user-friendly, enabling users to easily browse, review, and try demos of GPTs before making a purchase. This initiative by OpenAI aims to foster a community of innovation and collaboration, providing a platform for developers to share their creations and for users to access a wide range of AI-powered tools and applications.

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