Bard becomes Gemini

Bard, the company's conversational AI service, is getting a major upgrade and a new name – Gemini.
Gemini ✨
Experience new collaboration heights with Gemini Pro (formerly known as Bard). Get access to Google’s most capable AI model, Ultra 1.0 with Gemini Advanced.
Bard becomes Gemini: Try Ultra 1.0 and a new mobile app today
Bard is now known as Gemini, with a mobile app and an Advanced experience that gives you access to our most capable AI model, Ultra 1.0.

This change marks a significant step forward in Google's quest to create AI tools that are more helpful, engaging, and tailored to user needs.

What's New with Gemini?

Gemini builds on the foundation of Bard but promises to be smarter, faster, and more versatile. Here's what you can expect:

  • Enhanced Knowledge and Understanding: Gemini draws on a wider range of information sources, allowing it to answer your questions more comprehensively and accurately.
  • Smoother Conversations: Forget those robotic chatbot interactions. Gemini is designed to feel like a natural, engaging conversation with a helpful friend.
  • Greater Creativity: Looking for some inspiration? Gemini can generate different creative text formats – poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, email, letters, etc. It's the perfect brainstorming buddy.
  • A Customized Experience: Gemini learns your preferences over time, offering more personalized answers and suggestions.

The Gemini App – AI on the Go

Not only is Gemini supercharged, but it's also getting its own mobile app! This means you'll be able to tap into Gemini's conversational power right from your smartphone or tablet. Imagine asking it for quick summaries of complex news articles, recipe ideas during your grocery run, or even witty replies to emails - all from the convenience of your device.

The Future of AI with Google

The shift from Bard to Gemini showcases Google's commitment to continually evolving their AI offerings. This means smarter searches, more helpful tools, and even a sprinkle of AI-powered magic in our everyday lives.

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